Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vogue Wrap Dress Redux

Yo!  When they say, will you sew it again and you say yes- DO IT!
And here it is, the Vogue 1027 from this, my second post redone in a cotton jersey.  It's NOT peach. Not, not, not, peach.  It's kinda pinkie orange.  OK?

So I did some adjustments.  I took 1" out of the center front panel. and about 1/8" out of center back panel. And then I took 1" out of the skirt panel- 2" all around.  I had to stretch the skirt a tiny bit to fit the bodice but barely.   And that made the bodice fit better, BUT!  That's a big but.  The point that the tie comes from the bodice was even closer to center front so it doesn't give very much room to cinch/tie it.    So, it gives a wierd tuck at the CF- more than before when it was just big.

What I would do- if I were the type to rip this apart- is to take the waist seam apart, and finish the tie up to the side seam and then apply it to the waistband so that it would start at the side seam and have the whole front to cinch/tie.  I think that would take care of the awkwardness that makes it seem like it's too big but it's just really that the faux wrap tie apparatus doesn't have enough room to fool.   IF I were the type to rip this apart and fix it, that's what I would do.  Who knows, I might be that person tomorrow. Today it's 85 and summer in my apartment and I'm done for the day.

Oh yeah, I also left off the sleeve facing. I just finished the edge by pressing stitch witchery 1/4" under in place, then turning and pressing another 1/4" and top stitching.  Looks Great.  I did the same thing for the neck and front edge AND the hem.  I think it gave a great finished look. 

I think I'll wear this to work tomorrow- it's going to be 95! Finally, summer has arrived in Portland. YAY!

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