Saturday, November 30, 2013

Baby Girl Pink Scrap Quilt

Just some quick photos of the little scrap quilt that I put together as a girl baby gift to have on hand.
There is most certainly a better way to do these little squares I have learned since this photo.
I had lots and lots of pink with dots
All these squares are scraps from other projects....
Many are from this baby quilt project-

Several are from this project of poufs-
Assembled by rows trying to not put too many of the same near each other.
 I never thought that sewing little squares could make me happy but it's quite therapeutic.
And I love the way this turned out.  

The whole thing finished.  Not washed yet
I just machine quilted it 1/4" from the seam one direction and then the other along each row.
Here is the whole thing, bound in pink with white polka dots. 
oops, look, two identical ones, made it by each other and you know what, it's fine!

There's something so great about making something out of the parts that are leftover from something else.  I guess that's what I like about this quilting world.  You can make cool stuff out of the tiniest leftovers.  I even used leftover pieces of batting basted together, probably a no no but once quilted, I don't think it will matter.

Speaking of leftovers, who's still full from Thanksgiving......... me!

Parting Shot-
Mochi got his picture taken with Santa Paws for the Humane Society.