Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Quilt from a Kit

I bought this kit about three years ago when I found this quilt shop in Wilsonville and decided I wanted to construct one of these lovely quilts but I didn't think I could coordinate all the fabrics.

It's a pattern called French Quarter, by Figg Tree Quilts

Then I did nothing with it until the dreary January 2013 weather hit and I was cold and blah and just started cutting.   It was again, very therapeutic to mindlessly cut squares and shapes after constructing garments.  I didn't take any photos of the cut pieces or construction.

In January and February I constructed the entire top except for one row.  Weird, that I just left one row unassembled and there it sat till November when I realized if I wanted to use it or give it away for Christmas I better get my butt in gear and get it finished.

I found this nice long arm quilter Elizabeth Originals Custom Quilts in North East Portland.
Quilt back from the quilters, raw edge.
I dropped off my quilt, picked a pattern and thread and Beth had it finished a week later!  Thanks Beth, it looks amazing.  You can see some better photos of the whole quilt on Beth's blog here.  And you can see all the amzing work she has done for other people.

It's hard to choose what pattern you want, there are so many that would look great. 

I also had enough squares to do a pillow sham. No idea how to finish this yet but it's quilted/backed.
Hand stitched the red binding Sunday night.

Parting Shot............

Decorated for Christmas with little vintage trees.

You thought the parting shot would be Mochi, didn't you?   He's in there, see his stocking.
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.   I know I did.  I even cut out and half assembled another quilt. What is happenning?  Inspiration in the form of dreery cold "inside days"?