Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Fever!  Sewing room realized and Vogue 1250

Spring has sprung in Portland.  Well, it's only been about two weeks since it snowed- and when I say snow it really just looked like little fairies sprinkled powdered sugar on my house.  But the daffodils are up and that makes me happy.
These are not in my yard but I aspire to have a whole hillside of them someday
I've always wanted a dedicated sewing room and now I have one.  It is the cool yet weird thing about my house- there is a room off the dining room that I have tucked an office/sewing room into.

view from the dining room that is my cutting
table right now.
It is on the main floor between the living room and the kitchen so when I go and sew I'm not off in a distant corner of the house away from the main action.  And the way the room is situated if you turn the light off the chaos melts into the background and you (or at least I don't) notice it.

The gate is so the room is Mochi proof.  No pins for his little feet and tummy.  I pulled a pin out of his mouth a few months ago and almost had to take to my bed for the day I was so racked with guilt.
There's my new serger - yay.
The sewing desk is from Pottery barn and is nice and long.  I could use more cabinets and I plan to make some big bulletin boards for the wall so I can pin up inspiration and sewing directions etc.  that's phase two.

The office desk and lamp were both from second hand shops- i LOVE lamps! They are my weakness, but this one is my very favorite in the whole world.   This back wall probably needs a great piece of artwork.
the whole room with shot of scavenged red vinyl chair for hand work.
Here's the opposing wall.  I plan to have a family photo gallery but now there are just pictures hanging on the hooks that came with the house.  That's a future project too.   I don't love the look of the ironing board being up all the time but I love the handiness of it being up all the time.

And finally I'm working on Vogue 1250 that I cut out last summer and then never sewed- how lame.
It's half finished and just pinned on the mani.  This is some beautiful and bright yellow ITY fabric that I ordered from Gorgeous Fabrics last summer.  It's daffodil for the body.

you can see the transition to the living room in the background- weird house layout but it works!

I've just ordered a bunch of patterns from Hot Patterns (my first).  And a bunch of fabric from Mood in New York (not my first but first mail order).  So, while I wait for those I realize that I really have so much fabric already.  What the heck am I doing ordering more?  Well, I better getty up.  See you later!

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