Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pencil Skirt- Burda 8155

I cut out this skirt a while back, spent yesterday doing all chores and prep for the week to free up my day to sew and mojo.  Anyone have that problem?  I literally couldn't muster the umph to start.  Could have been due to the cold cold weather making my little windowed, uninsulated, old time apartment a freezer box?

Yes folks, those are little snow flakes coming at midnight. Well, the tide turned when it occurred to me that I should dress more like I was outside and I pulled on my base-layer wool shirt and a cashmere wool sweater and wool leggings under my sweats and wool socks and a beanie.  yep, like I'm outside.  Pretty.

So eventually after  a bunch of couch time- yes I have no kids or responsibility so I can just lie around and READ if I want- it's awesome- I started the skirt- yay.!   The other reason for my hesitation could have been that the pattern envelope came without any instructions.  I discovered it when I was cutting it out and panicked until I realized this is the easiest little skirt that I probably wouldn't even look at the directions, much.  But you know, it's better when they are there.  It gives you comfort.

I've sewn the darts and the center back seam and the side seams.  It was a tad snug so I took 1/8" out of all three seams.  Now it's perfect. And the flocking looks great on this skirt.  I was afraid it would be weird.

Next step: cut out lining and do the same thing.  But not today.  I need to go make a bunch of food to eat this week- busy career girl- no time to cook good food during the week.  And, I'm trying to eat clean all week. We'll see if that happens.

Oh, and the Ducks are playing in the BCS championship or some such hoopla tomorrow night.  I think my entire company will leave at 3 just to settle into their position to view the show.  Beaver or Duck, most are rooting for OREGON!

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