Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where for art thou August issue of Burda Style Magazine?

I'm over this monthly search for one of the few copies of Burda Style Magazine that make it to Portland Oregon. 

On Sunday and Monday I hit Powell's World Of Books, Rich's Smoke Shop and called Bolt Fabrics.  No one has their copies yet.  Just now at lunch I went to Josephine's Dry Goods to buy bias tape for the last seam on the 40th birthday dress and I exclaimed out loud, "Oh!" and then "oh."  when I saw a Burda sticking out of the mag rack but then quickly realized it was a Plus issue from last month.  I didn't even  know that they carried it and the lady at the counter said that EVERYONE is waiting.

Powell's seems to get theirs mid month and it costs $9.00.  Riches Smoke Shop gets ONE copy, a few days earlier but it's $11.50.  When I was in there on Sunday the guy said someone bought it but I don't think it's really come in yet.  They told me to call late on Thursday when they get their next shipment. It's all a little bit more hoop jumping than this circus girl wants to do. But what else CAN I do?

Does everyone have their copy but me?  I'm pouting with my arms folded- wah!  What I don't understand is why in this day and age it takes so long to get issues from Germany to the west coast of the USA.   I am expecting them to stock the September issue (coveted) any day now, why can't they (the magazine distributors) get us a copy by the first week of the month it's publish for?  Why is it so hard? Am I in a snit for nothing?  I don't see anyone recapping the magazine picks yet, maybe I'm being unreasonable, and yet high expectations have taken me far in life.   WHERE IS IT?

Then I found this link for Canada that says it's mailing August 9th!!!  Balls, that was Monday, does that mean it's leaving freaking Deutschland on the 9th?

Is it time for me to get a subscription? I was thinking that might be a good Christmas or birthday present request (maybe a few people could get together).  However, I'm still waiting for my subscription to Vogue that the person who drew my name for Christmas opted not to get me even though they asked me specifically what I wanted.  I just don't know if my heart can take the toiling over when it will come in........
sigh....... rant complete.   Carry on with your day.

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