Saturday, August 21, 2010

Things that make me happy....

People spend so much time talking about what they don't like, I love to tell anyone who will listen, what makes me happy.  It's little things. 

Running on the waterfront in Portland makes me happy.  I've started running this year and I'm REALLY slow, but that doesn't matter.  It matters that you get out there an do it. And it makes me feel great.

I go running on the waterfront along Tom McCall Waterfront park

and do the big 2.5 mil loop across the Steel Bridge,

 along the Vera Katz promenade on the east side,

under the Burnside bridge, under the Morrison bridge and up and over the Hawthorne Bridge back to

the Tom side.

Along the way I pass tons of runners training for the marathon, groups jogging with friends, peeps struggling to keep going like me.   I also pass masses of bikers either training or commuting, tourists out for a morning stroll with some great coffee and homeless people gathering their bedding from a nights sleep in the out of doors.

And all the while I get a fabulous view of the lovely city that I grew up in and came back to.  I'm thankful for my health, that I can attempt to run, that my lungs and legs work, and that the city put in such a nice place to enjoy the out of doors.

If you've never been here, it's as wonderful as they say.  Uh, but don't come here to stay, we're full.
Keep Portland Weird!

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