Monday, February 21, 2011

Simplicity 2508 Coat Fini!

Ah finally finished....

There is still a slight issue with the front flare being sharp at the edges.  See the pattern envelope- same on there.
It's a raglan.  I'm not sure I could have no drag lines on the sleeves for a raglan, but I could have fit out more than I did.  The finishing went really well.  The weight and feel of the finished garment is great.  I think I will wear it to work tomorrow.

Looks like it's not hanging well on the right, weird.  The weirdest thing about this is that I chose the collar that is straight up the center front edge and laps over the same amount as the center front edge.  I altered the collar 1/2" as I had at the shoulders and oddly it's nowhere near meeting in the center, let alone lapping.  Even if I measure back the amount I took out it's not going to have happened. Strange.  At any rate, I will cope as it's my first coat and it's mostly good.  Might do one button on the corner.

The lining went in really well.  Looks great and feels great in the garment.  I used rayon bemberg twill for the lining. My other issue was that the way the sleeves were made it didn't leave much for gauging length and I'm usually having to shorten sleeves, but these came out bracelet length- not tragic.  Nice with some leather gloves.

I used a jewelry chain sewn into the lining/collar for a hanger loop.  A nice touch I learned from Gigi and went out of my way to make sure I had.  It wouldn't have seemed finished and lovely with out it.  Of course I did not choose her entry to link, where she made the same coat and the collar came out right. Again, I don't know what happened.  Also, I made an ease pleat that seemed substantial but when executed it ended up tiny in comparison to the total but it addressed the issue called out in the pattern reviews.

I love the buttons I chose.  They are two hole and have a deep bowl in the center.  They match perfectly and the pictures don't do them justice.  I don't know what all the belly aching is about making button holes.  I will say that my auto button holer on my machine makes it a no brainer.  The only issue is that if there is an issue in the middle and you stop, you have to start over.  There's no way to fix.  I might have said it before.  

The top stitch I used at 3.5 and with top stitch weight thread.  I think it makes all the difference in the final look.  I love it. More photos when I have it on with something worthy of a wool coat.


  1. What an accomplishment! I love all your little details, especially the chain, and the fabric is amazing. Enjoy wearing this beauty.

  2. Coats totally intimidate me. Yours turned out so well. I am sure you will wear it a lot.

  3. Hi, great job! I'm thinking of buying this pattern. I have read in reviews that you should lengthen the sleeves and lower the center back detail. Would you say that the sizing fit large? I have also read that as well.
    Thank you!
    Emmaline Bags & Sewing Patterns

  4. Sorry of the late reply! Thanks for your comment. I would most definitely lengthen the sleeves. I wish I would have realized how short they were when I was finishing up. They came in more like bracelet length. Happy sewing.